3 Stylish Ways to Display Your Family Photographs

One of the most common questions I get asked about family photography sessions, after “what should we wear?”, is “how do you recommend we display our photographs”? And this is a question, that I love to get asked, as it means that my families are printing and framing their photographs! In this modern age, the norm can be to receive your family photographs, share a few to social media and print one or 2 as small prints for your mantelpiece. 

However, when used cleverly and stylishly family photographs can be almost a piece of art on your walls. After all, family photography is an investment and I love for my families to get the most from our time together. But how do you plan to hang your family photographs and display them in your home in a beautiful way? So, I am here to share some ideas with you that can help you maximise your photography session and elevate how you decorate your home with beautiful memories.

Remember that if you have had professional photographs taken they are ideal for displaying on your walls. The lighting is spot on, they are edited beautifully and they are obviously photographs that you cherish and love looking at. They are of a great quality that you can print as large as you like and they will still look amazing. You too as a family are looking and feeling amazing and you will have a great range of images that compliment each other and will sit beautifully together on your walls.

  1. Gallery Walls

For gallery walls there are a few ways that you can do this. Either an eclectic mixtures of frames in different sizes and colours or a neatly curated Waller gallery of frames in the same size and colours. I think Studio McGee does this so well and I have a few examples below to show you. It is such a modern and stylish way to display your photographs. It works well with both black and white coloured images together and looks so beautiful when you mix with either older photographs of grandparents etc. So, I hear you ask – “Where do I start?”!! For me, I would keep it simple for your first gallery wall and choose either 6 of 9 prints all in the same size. I would recommend printing more that you need and then on the floor layout all of the prints and decide which ones would work best together. Choose a simple frame with a mat inside (I think frames always need an aperture or mat for a more polished look). Black is very popular at the moment for frames. If you have a large wall to cover, like on a stairway, use larger frames for a more dramatic look. Here are some examples to consider.

  1. Extra Large Frames

This option can work so well in a hallway or corridor space as it leads your eye nicely along the space. I just love this example below from Chris loves Julia of their children and also another example from Studio McGee which dramatically turns photographs into real pieces of art, just beautiful.

  1. Using Shelves and Dressers

My favourite way at the moment to display family photographs is to forget framing them and simply display them on a dresser or shelf instead. Mixing frames with other home accessories. This works particularly well in a hallway and living room and frames of different sizes and colours can work so well together. As well as using framed family prints with other types of artwork. The trick here is to not over do it and to use frames that compliment each other and not to be too matchy matchy at the same time. 

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