5 Things to Consider if Covid-19 has Affected Your Wedding Plans

5 Things to Consider if Covid-19 has Affected Your Wedding Plans

This pandemic has been huge upheaval for anyone planning a wedding in 2020 and 2021. You may even have changed your wedding date several times at this stage and are now looking at your confirmed date wondering how things will pan out. There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment and when you are planning an event like a wedding, there is so much to do, you need an element of certainty to get things done and still enjoy the whole process! Here are my top 3 tips if you are considering changing your date

  1. Move quickly

I think, like the comparison of pulling off a bandaid, you need to move quickly on this. As a photographer, most weeks couples are either emailing me to look into moving their wedding date or a new couple enquiries because their own photographer is no longer available for their date. Current brides are getting organised to avoid disappointment and I think if you are considering changing your date make a decision as quickly as you can. So start with your venue and church and see what dates are possible. Start a spreadsheet and list all of your suppliers, give them a couple of options and see who is available.

It is also advisable to give your guests about 4 months notice of any date changes, so that they can revise travel plans, make new arrangements for accommodation and sort out work etc. Some stationery suppliers are offering digital postponement cards or save the dates, which is a lovely way to let your guests know what your new plans are.

  1. Check in with your vendors/suppliers as soon as you can

As this pandemic goes on, I am hearing that suppliers are becoming more rigid in their policies around postponed weddings. At the start there was not much anyone could do. We were in lockdown, and weddings simply could not go ahead. Things are a little different now, as weddings are happening, just with revised numbers. Whilst my policy at the time of writing is to move my current dates to a new date if I am available, not all suppliers will be as flexible, so it is important to check with them as soon as you are considering a new date. Ask them what their policies are around date changes and starting with your most expensive vendor first work your way through your list of suppliers, checking availability for your new date. Hopefully, they will all be available and the move is an easy one but you might have to be prepared to find a new supplier in certain areas. On the bright side a supplier that you looked at when you first planned your wedding, who wasn’t available then, might be available now. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  1. Stay in close contact with your venue throughout

Stay in touch with your wedding coordinator at your venue. I am finding things are changing quickly and some venues are deciding now not to reopen for the foreseeable, leaving couples no choice but to postpone. Make sure they keep you in the loop, discuss minimum guest numbers for your new date and look at your contract again with them. Some venues will be more flexible if you move to a midweek wedding, so check out that option with them. Traditionally couples have stayed away from mid week dates, fearing guests wont be as willing to attend. Rest assured, after numerous lockdowns at home for over a year, your guests will be more than willing to be there with you celebrating, whatever the date!!

  1. Plan a Two Part Wedding

If you are forced to reduce your numbers because of restrictions, then why not plan a two part wedding. A wedding is made up of different parts on the day – your preparations in the morning, the ceremony, your photographs, drinks reception and dinner and dancing. You are going to break these parts into different days! If you really want to focus on the married bit for now, then plan a larger party later in the year or whenever restrictions are lifted. Wear your wedding dress again, or it’s a great excuse to buy a new one. Have a large summer bbq outside perhaps, hire the band and dance the night away with your friends. I guarantee that without the pressure of a traditional wedding day, you will have an amazing time!

  1. Stay positive!

You will still have the day of your dreams, so try and stay positive. Ultimately a wedding is about saying “I Do” and committing to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you remember why you are doing this, you will realise that it will still be a magical day. Of course, it may look a little different but it will still be amazing. If you are working with the right team of suppliers, they will look after you and help make the whole experience as stress-free as possible. We want you to have an amazing day too!

Every part of your day can be figured out so that it looks exactly as you dreamed about it being. There are lots of great resources out there to help plan a wedding in covid times, from advice on how to keep everyone safe, what to prioritise for the day to setting up a virtual wedding! It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by it all but from the weddings I have been to, I have found, the couples who did their best to take it all in their stride and just enjoy their day, have had the best time!


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