I Believe Love and Family are the Bridge Between Safe Places and New Adventures


If you remember I got quite philosophical in my last post! Well, about as philosophical as I get. I’m usually quite a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. But I was keen to reflect on why it is I do what I do. To be honest everything I love about a wedding is exactly what I love about life – wedding photography and I are a dream match so!

I strongly believe that love and family are the bridge between safe places and new adventures. A wedding is one such new adventure, perhaps the ultimate one we will ever get to enjoy. A bride leaves behind the stability and certainty of her home and family life to start out on a new chapter and exciting beginnings of a new family with her husband. The bonds with both their parents are still strong, just delicately and lovingly stretched ever so slightly to include new ways of life and new people.

A wedding is a chance for a bride to say “here is my family” and the groom to say “here is my family” and before both of us is a beautiful open space where we get to bring the best of both our worlds and create something new and unique to us.

and at a wedding I get to photograph all of this. It is a powerful story to be told. Documenting and highlighting in the morning the treasures of the family life left behind but preserved in its essence through photographs, the Union of two people and their families at the ceremony and the celebration afterwards where everyone you love in the world is there together, right there with you, for one precious moment.

Family is precious to me and a wedding always stops me in my tracks when during the reception I stand back and wonder at how great it must feel to have everyone there in one place. The photographs from this part of a wedding day really do give me a glimpse into my couples world – the people they know and love, says a lot about the couple also and often the eclectic mix I see before me never disappoint as to who I have been so lucky enough to spend a wonderful day with.

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