A Mount Juliet Estate Wedding – Fiona and William

The weddings that I am lucky enough to photograph are always about love – love between two people and love between families as they gather together on a wedding day to celebrate with each other. I simply love being at the heart of this to photograph and carefully document their memories. It is an honour as much as it is a joy for me.

I can clearly remember the day I met Fiona and William for the first time, as Fiona’s parents were there as well. This is always a good sign for me that it will be a wedding that I will adore being part of. You may have often heard me say that family is at the very heart of what I do, whether that be in my work or personal life. And I could clearly see that Fiona and William were part of a close family who loved them dearly.

After leaving them on that sunny day in Mount Juliet, I was so looking forward to their wedding and hoped that the sun would shine again as it did on the day we met. And unlike a summers day that was typical last year, the sun did shine on their day. Fiona and William opted for a civil ceremony on the grounds of Mount Juliet. Fiona’s smile is infectious and as you can see from my images, she smiled and laughed with William the whole way through the ceremony. A photographers dream to capture such happiness.

Fiona and William met when they were 16 and as with all great relationships they started out as friends, having been introduced by Williams cousin. After a period away working at Walt Disney World in Florida, Fiona returned to Ireland and they both realised that the time apart made them see each other as more than friends. And their relationship began, all leading to their beautiful wedding at Mount Juliet.

Following the ceremony we took a tour around the stunning grounds of Mount Juliet. I think you could photograph 50 weddings and each one would look completely different, such is the scope and variety of this amazing venue. For me the earthy tones and colour of the garden in summer is unmatched so we went there and took a stroll through the garden and then back to the main house for Fiona and William to enjoy the time with their guests.

Below are some of my favourites from their day xox

Ps. If you love Fiona’s sense of style her exquisite wedding gown was from Lilian West, her shoes were Kurt Geiger and the beautiful bouquet was from Flowers by Lucy. Opting for a simple hair clip with a cleverly cute plait Marie Hickey worked her usual magic and Fiona’s stunning makeup was all thanks to Kate Rose Crean.



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