A Rectory Glandore Wedding Story – Helena and Christopher

Having lived in Cork for nearly 13 years, it is a place close to my heart, with some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Ireland. And the Rectory in Glandore with its stunning views out over the bay has to be one of my favourites! So I was more than a little excited to photograph there the wedding of the lovely Helena and Christopher.

This cute couple now live in London, with Christopher originally hailing from South Africa and what a way for his family to experience West Cork through his wedding!

Helena is a lady with style, I just loved her amazing wedding dress and the beautiful green bridesmaids dresses that looked so stunning. I also loved her floral table settings, where each table was named after a different flower with that flower then placed as the centre piece. It was so pretty and original. It was my first outdoor ceremony of the summer and with a rainy start to the day who would have known what a beautiful day it would turn out to be, so perfect. It was such a special moment seeing Helena walk down the aisle in glorious sunshine – it added such a relaxed yet glamorous feel to the ceremony, if only more Irish weddings could be like this! And what a gorgeous backdrop for our couples portraits together, all taken in the gardens of the Rectory…I am sure you will agree, what a view!


I hope you enjoy looking through the images below, feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you xweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkweddiing-photographer-corkwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-packages-irelandwedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideaswedding-photography-photo-ideasDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photographyDublin-wedding-photography

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