How to Look After Your Engagement Ring


How to look after your engagement ring

Engagement rings are sentimental heirlooms for most of us. But as with all jewellery, our ring may lose its sparkle over time. You want your design looking its best every day, particularly throughout your engagement when everybody wants to see it!

You have likely glanced down at your beautiful new accessory, and several questions regarding ring care have sprung to your mind. Questions such as: can I wear it when sleeping; should I remove it before I take a bath; and should I clean my ring with liquid detergent? All of your concerns are legitimate because your engagement ring is likely to be the most valuable piece of jewellery you own. Understandably, many newly engaged ladies are unsure of how to handle it. Allow me to provide you with some recommendations on how to keep your engagement ring sparkling!

Regular cleaning

If dirt or grease accumulates on your stone, it will lose its brilliance and stop reflecting light. It’s easy to wash your engagement ring at home with a simple dip in Fairy detergent and warm water, and a soft toothbrush will be your ally throughout this procedure. 

You can also get your ring professionally cleaned; they’ve done it millions of times before so, you can trust them. An added reminder from me on how to care for your engagement ring between professional cleaning appointments – maintain your ring in good condition at home and consider removing it when cleaning around your home.


Avoid harsh cleaners

Avoid using harsh cleaners at all costs, and I mean that sincerely. Household cleaners such as bleach, chlorine, and acetone should be avoided. Such substances could decompose some of the elements in your ring. Don’t use toothpaste, baking soda, or other powdered cleaners that include abrasives since they might scratch the pricey metals.

When taking care of an engagement ring, avoid using ultrasonic jewellery cleaning equipment and dishwashers. The pulses from ultrasonic equipment can easily displace a gemstone if the prongs are weakened, or if there is even the tiniest space between the gemstone and the setting. You don’t want to misplace a precious stone or diamond!

Let a jeweller check the ring’s condition

I recommend that you see your jeweller at least once a year to have your engagement ring and its claws assessed for wear and tear. If you bought your ring from a local jeweller, the chances are high that expert cleaning is included as part of the lifetime warranty. Having your ring cleaned at the same location, it was purchased is preferable since the jewellers will be familiar with your ring and how to care for it. 

On the other hand, consult with the jeweller who will be cleaning your ring before deciding on a new place. Try to find a professional who is familiar with caring for pieces of jewellery similar to yours in terms of metals, construction, and design.

There are few things more captivating than seeing your ring dazzle and shimmer in the light after it’s been newly cleaned and polished, and it’s only natural to want to keep your engagement ring sparkling. Moreover, while you can certainly take it to a jeweller to be cleaned properly, it is always helpful to know how to maintain your engagement ring yourself. As we are on the topic of engagement rings, check out Vogue’s engagement ring trends for 2022!

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