Just Engaged? What to Do Next…

Just Engaged? What to Do Next…

The feeling of being ‘just engaged’ is one of a kind. You feel full of love and excitement for all that is to come! And although I am all for savouring each moment as an engaged couple, I do know how fast time can go by, which is why I suggest planning early on for your 2022 or 2023 wedding.

Planning a 2022 wedding can be a daunting task, but with some preparation, you can get things under control. If you have no idea how to plan a wedding, I’ve listed below some of the things you need to consider in order to get started.

Savour being engaged in 2021

Being affianced is such a wonderful thing, most especially during these challenging times. It’s like a ray of hope that everything is moving forward and into new beginnings. So, make sure to fully bask in the glory of being just engaged. Don’t start planning straight away but don’t leave it too late either. 

Have a rough date in mind

Have you always dreamt of a Christmas wedding or an outdoor wedding in the Summer? Pick your favourite season for your big day and start from there. When it comes to planning a 2022 wedding, knowing your preferred dates is important for everything else – from your suppliers’ availability to your guests’ availability. You will need to know your dates first before you can coordinate with anyone else. 


Make your guest list

When deciding who should be invited, a good rule of thumb is to consider whether they are someone you see often or would invite to your house. If so, they are obviously significant to you, and it’s important for them to be there. But be prepared, your family will also have an opinion on who should be invited as well! Just make sure you communicate with them how important it is to settle the guest list in a way that reflects the capacity of your venue and fits your budget – you’ll have to decide, too, whether to have your ceremony locally or abroad. 


Set a Budget

When thinking about how to plan a wedding, setting your budget early on will help you get started. This is crucial as knowing what you have available to spend allows you to prioritise where your money goes – is photography high on your priority list? Is there a florist you have always admired? And work from there. Your guest list will also impact the budget and choice of venue. Have an honest conversation about what you would both like for your wedding and what your expectations are.

intimate castle wedding cork

Pick Your Venue

Do you want to get married close to home, or is there a dream venue in which you have always imagined getting wed? Once you have a good idea of your guest list and the time of year you would like to get married, you can start to look at venues. Check their weekend availability (weekends book up well in advance) and their guests’ capacity.

For couples who have been just engaged, my final tip is not to miss out on enjoying the moment. You can even start just by looking at some inspiration for your special day together. It can be a fun afternoon activity for both of you to read about small venue inspirations along with more wedding advice on my blog. Just be truly present for each other! 


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