On Your Wedding Day – Saving Time for Group Pictures

It is true what they say…your wedding day flies by so quickly and as a wedding photographer I am all about allowing you spend as much of the day with you family and friends. So when I am asked for my recommendations for your family pictures I often suggest that if you are having photos taken at an alternative location on route to your venue, then have your family come with you.

Family pictures don’t have to take forever and once you have everyones attention they can be done quite quickly, allowing you get back to the rest of your guests. So if we are all away somewhere private, away from the distraction of the drinks reception then it allows us complete the portraits in about 10 minutes, keeping everyone happy!

Tanya Colclough at Eden Photography, your wedding photographer for Mount Juliet, Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin, all of Ireland and destination weddings worldwide





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