Monday Musings Stacking Wedding Rings – Let’s Talk About a Growing Trend




There is a lot of beautiful tradition associated with a wedding. Some trends have come and gone, whilst others will endure forever. A wedding band is something that is so symbolic of a wedding and a marriage, a bond of unity made to endure.

But for the more individual bride who wants to stamp her own style on the wedding band, stacking rings are a beautifully unique way to say I do! They can be as individual as you are.


There can also be added symbolism if you continue to stack your wedding band after your wedding, perhaps with significant anniversaries or the birth of a child. I love the idea your wedding telling the story of your love, life and relationship together.

How do you create a stacking wedding ring? There are no set rules, which means you are only limited by your imagination. I love the idea of mixing styles – rings with both diamonds and plain gold. Even using different precious metals such as rose gold and white gold together give a vibrant look. Even an eternity ring will add something a little bit special to your collection.



Image from Cat Bird NYC


For more ideas on how to create the perfect stacking ring collection, you can check out my Pinterest Board dedicated to it here!



All @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Moore from Cat Bird NYC


Featured Images from Cat Bird NYC

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