Tuesday Diary


I had a little break from Tuesday Diary these last couple of weeks. Ted and I made a trip to Paris for a beautiful couples session – more coming from this beautiful session this week on the blog! It was also a lovely time away to reflect and just walk the streets of Paris, camera in hand photographing what caught my eye. Just as I used to do before I became a wedding photographer and my camera was not only part of my passion but also part of my working life.

It reminded me that in order to nurture my photography business, I need to feed my passion for photography and personal projects like our Paris trip are so worth doing when I can. So my advice to you this week on Tuesday Diary is to photograph what you love as you build your photography business and work will flow from that. If you showcase your passion you will reach others who also love what you do.

Time away also got me thinking about how I can help others as they start their photography business. If you are like me and you started your business coming from another career then I want to help you along your journey. I don’t have the perfect business by any means but I do have helpful tips and advice that I would love to share with you. So keep and eye on my blog for more updates. The plan is to kick things off with a series of videos on both YouTube and Instagram, to help you leave behind what you are doing now to start a business that you can grow successfully, as you start working on what you truly love to do


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