Tuesday Diary

Today starts a new series on the blog for me! With New Years resolutions and all that, I have resolved to pop my head out from behind my camera a little more and say “hi!”. I love the connection we can all feel with a photograph – you take one look and it has the power to take you right back to the moment it was taken. That is what my wedding photography is all about. For your wedding, you begin a new chapter in life and it is my job to document that new adventure with the old and familiar  – the people in your life who have all contributed to that moment when you say I do.

The connection in a photograph can be powerful but there is also an important role for the photographer who took it. They may not be familiar or part of your circle but the connection you make with them is equally important. I spoke with a bride last week over the phone. We connected straight away. We chatted as if old friends and I loved everything about her wedding, as it sounded exactly like the kind of wedding I would plan. I wondered afterwards if she had emailed instead of calling, would the same connection have been made? Of course she loved my work but without the phone call would she actually really know anything about me?

So we arrive at Tuesday Diary – a chance for you to get to know me a little better and, I hope, for me to get to know you!

Happenings during the week and lessons I have learned:

  • My sister and I enjoyed a great wedding afternoon on Sunday at the wedding fair at Castlemartyr. We met so many wonderful couples, one who even lived a couple of minutes away from me and I had never met before. It is so much fun when you work with your sister at something you love to do and I am very grateful for that!
  • Walks on the beach have always been my thing and I have been lucky enough to take a stroll twice this week already and Ted and I plan to walk the prom again tonight, followed by a lovely meal at a local restaurant
  • 2017 goal setting has been so enjoyable for me this year. Excited to see all the places Eden Photography will go this year. And it has been made a whole lot easier with my Big Picture Planner from Design Aglow.
  • This week marks the final days design for our new collection for Little Bow Print. We have been working on some exciting new Wedding Invitation designs as well as some occasion cards for birthdays and celebrations. Looking forward to sharing soon.

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