If I Could Go Back to the Start – What Would I Do?

I’m sure this is a question that a lot of seasoned pros have asked themselves. And I’m sure the answers can vary. For me, with the benefit of hindsight, there are a couple of different approaches I would taking and focusing more on the business side of things is definitely something I would recommend.
If photography is a new career for you and a skill that you are still perfecting, I strongly believe that your passion will carry you through. Your love of photography and the art that you create, coupled with experience will make you a much better photographer. Sometimes time is all that you need.

Moving Beyond Just Your Passion

The business side of things can be a completely different matter however. Knowing the strategy that will build a better business is something that you could definitely benefit from by taking on a mentor or studying further.
In starting Eden Photography I had no business experience, I hadn’t even studied it at university. My parents had owned their own business, so I knew all about the motivation you need to succeed but the actual business approach was a little foreign to me. Especially as I started at a time when social media was really taking off and seemed like a whole new world to me!

Put in Place Great Business Systems

So what did I do that helped me succeed with zero experience and the answers I always give is systems. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) always said to me “build the systems that you will need in place for when you get busy”. For me, it seemed a bit pointless at the time, as I wasn’t busy when I had no clients to speak of. But it was exactly the right time to work on my systems when I had no photography clients to photograph. This was such solid advise.
I worked on and studied different approaches on workflow. What would happen from the time I booked a couple to when I would give them back their images and how could I make it the best experience possible. I built my accounting system which can be so time consuming to get a handle in when you are in the full flow of a busy season but is equally as important as photographing weddings. As obviously without a good system for managing your money you could be wasting your time and end up with little profit to show for your hard work.
The best advice I could give is work hard on your business at the start  as much as you work hard being in business and you have the tools to succeed and take your photography to the next level.

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