What is a Personal Branding Shoot?


What is a personal branding shoot?

A personal branding shoot is a practice of entrepreneurs and business owners to market themselves through a collection of professional photographs. The pictures let you effectively tell your story, reflect more about your brand and help build trust with your customers. 

Every business needs to attract clients to flourish; therefore, how your ideal clients perceive you is definitely important. While we cannot control what people think of you or your business, we can certainly point their thoughts in the right direction – this is where personal branding comes to aid! It helps establish who you are and what you offer to your customers.

I am sure you wouldn’t want your brand to be known as cold with a monotone voice? Your prospective customers deserve to see who you are and who is behind the business. A personal branding shoot will deliver a visual voice to your brand. Posting photos and videos of yourself, such as your morning routine, workspace, and what goes into processes; is an important part of solidifying a personality-infused brand. Anything that will let your customers know a bit more about you and your business is what makes a difference. It will help you with the following:

Showcase your personality

Professional branding images reflect your personality. You can use these images in various ways throughout websites, marketing campaigns, and other online platforms.


Makes a brilliant first impression

A first impression is the last impression, and it really counts. A potential client’s decision to work with you will largely depend on your professionalism, competence, and the way you interact with them. The branding photos will help you communicate your brand story the way you want to tell it, creating the right first impression.

Builds credibility

By communicating your brand story through lifestyle brand photography, your target audience will feel like they know and trust you.

Helps build connection

It helps you connect with your customers while creating an experience that encourages them to engage with you regularly.

Puts a friendly face to your business

Seeing who is behind the business helps customers develop trust. They are more likely to invest in the brand they trust.

These are just some of the important reasons why this session can help your business. I understand that you are not a professional model and might feel awkward, but you won’t have to. As a professional personal brand photographer, I know how to capture your authentic self while making you look your absolute best. Whenever a client books a personal branding shoot, I begin with a consultation to learn more about them. The shoots are carefully designed, styled, and planned based on the inputs I receive. I can help you with:


Half-day branding shoot

Typically, a 3 hours long session includes photography of you, products, or the services you deliver in your office space, studio, or hired place – whatever you prefer. You are offered 80+ high-resolution images.

Mini brand shoot

Ideal for clients with a low budget looking for portraits with restricted license usage such as on website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn. You are offered an option to download 5/15 high-resolution images from the online gallery.

Remote product shoot

In remote product shoots, you can send me the products so that I can photograph them beautifully in a styled layout, thus saving your time. You are offered 30 images with a usage license.


Afterwards, I will deliver a bank of fresh portraits and lifestyle shots, perfect for your website and online platforms. If you are looking forward to a creative personal branding shoot that tells a story about you and what you do, let’s chat. Together we can carve a beautiful story! This post is part of a series of blogs posts on personal branding sessions. To find out why they are important, you can read about it here.

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