What to Wear for Your Family Session

Have you ever thought about having professional photographs of your family taken? It is such a lovely way to documents special occasions in your family’s life – anniversaries, special birthdays and family gatherings and holidays. Equally it is a lovely thing to do with your partner and children for no reason at all, other than you would love some beautiful photographs of you all together to grace the walls of your home! So what are you waiting for – the summer is the ideal time to get outside and get photographed! Don’t let these moments pass you by, document them and you wont regret it.
But once you have decided to book in that family session with a professional photographer, you need to decide next what you will all wear. This can be tricky as photography is an investment and you want to get the most out of the time you have with your photographer and obviously look your best. I have put together an handy guide below, on how to best approach your session with your photographer and what to wear.
1. Plan your outfits in advance. This is useful especially when preparing what your children will wear. And its a good idea to have a couple of outfits for them, as children will be children! It is always good to be prepared the day before, so you aren’t under pressure on the day of the session.
2. Choose coordinating colours, not matching. Start off by choosing colours that coordinate well and complement each other. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy but by picking a colour scheme it will help give your images a cohesive look. Pick two main colours and then add softer tones to accent and complete your colour scheme. I always find that creams, beiges and whites work well as a base, with added splashes of colour.
3. Consider the colour scheme in your home. As you will more than likely be displaying your beautiful images on the walls of your home, use the colour scheme of your home as inspiration for what to wear.
4. Remember the location where you are being photographed, and dress accordingly. Will you be photographed on the beach with lots of neutral tones or in a field where there will be lots of greens? Choose colours that will complement the setting. Also choose outfits that will work well in the location as well as look natural in that setting. A pair of heels in a woodland setting in winter doesn’t always work!
family photographer kilkenny
5. Choose clothes that you all feel comfortable in. This is particularly true for children, so that they enjoy what they are wearing and hence the photo session. Likewise you will prefer to be photographed in something that you are comfortable in and feel great wearing.
6. Accessories are a great way to add colour to your photographs and also can give a quick new look to an outfit. Think scarves, hats, gloves, belts and statement jewellery.
7. Try to avoid large patterns and logos. These can be distracting and also clash with other items of clothing.
8. Select outfits that will make for a timeless portrait. The best advice that I can give is to create a classic look. You will want to look back on your photographs as timeless. If you don’t often have your photograph taken professionally as a family, it can be a real opportunity to go all out and dress up for the occasion! Think suits for the men or that stunning dress you have been waiting for a special occasion to wear!
Most importantly, let you family’s personality shine :<)

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