What’s Next? What To Expect From My Post-Wedding Service

I spend a lot of time here on the blog discussing what to anticipate on your wedding day – I guess that’s understandable as couples tend to be in ‘tunnel vision mode’ with their eyes on the prize i.e. the big day itself!

But as any photographer will tell you, the real work for a wedding photographer starts in earnest afterwards, i.e. with the editing, creating an online gallery, putting together photo choices for a physical album and even designing your thank you cards – yup, I do it all.

So I thought I’d dedicate this post to what you can anticipate from my post-wedding service because, believe me, as soon as you kick off those party shoes everyone will be asking the same question: ‘When can we see some photos?!’



As soon as I pack up my kit and head home, there’s one priority on my mind: the sneak preview. I select a few key images from various points in the day covering ceremony, group shots, couples portraits, the speeches and the beginning of the party and work my editing magic on them so that you have a handful of fully-processed, representative photos to pore over and share with friends and family.

Why? Well, it gives you a chance to reminisce about the day while emotions and excitement are still running high and it whets your appetite for what’s to come, i.e. the full online gallery.



Around five weeks after the big day, I’ll send you the link for your full online gallery along with a USB in the post (plus one or two little surprises – real post is the best!)  

Although it can be tempting to scroll through the images on your phone as soon as that email pops up, I’d like to make a (strong) recommendation: don’t! Text your other half, make a plan and sit down in front of a big ol’ Smart TV or proper computer screen, preferably with a glass of something or a little treat in one hand (or even both – these are your wedding pictures we’re talking about, after all!) You’ll be so glad you did – it’s much more exciting that way.



From the online gallery, you have a decision to make: which photos will make the cut into your physical album? I’m a passionate advocate of having a wedding album and offer one with all of my wedding photography packages – I wrote about the reasons why I feel so strongly about it recently in this post, but suffice to say that like a novel, a good wedding album tells a story. It’s not just beautiful, but cohesive. And truly? I think it’s what your photographs deserve.

The albums I offer are stunning works of art but, speaking more practically, they’re also handmade. This means they can take up to six weeks for delivery, or even longer if you order in the run-up to a holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day. So here’s a little present tip: to avoid disappointment, order early – and that means getting on with the job of choosing your favourite images. As chores go, it’s a pretty pleasant one!



You might also want to choose a selection of images for a thank you card – I regularly design them for couples and I can’t imagine a better way to express your gratitude than a card comprising some of your favourite images from your big day. If you had a group shot taken of all of your guests, you could even use that – or perhaps have a photo of the two of you on the front and include the guest shot as the image for the card reverse. As always, there are lots of options and I’m always on hand to listen and advise.



Want to sound me out about your wedding? I’m taking bookings for 2019 and beyond. Get in touch to see if your date is available and we can set up a chat ASAP!






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