5 Reasons to Have an Autumn Wedding


Imagine yourself saying your vows with richly colourful foliage as your background and perfect weather enveloping you. Isn’t that such a lovely way to visualise your marriage ceremony? There are many reasons to have an autumn wedding, and here are the top ones that I know will make you want to schedule your special day during this season. 


The Autumn Weather is perfect for Weddings

In Ireland, the temperature tends to remain moderate at this time of year, giving you many opportunities to plan your big day in the great outdoors. Beautiful sunny days are still common in Autumn, and September can often be more pleasant than June, as you don’t have to contend with the heat. For me, there is nothing more perfect than autumn weather weddings.


Free Autumn Decor by Nature

Let nature provide you with the most stunning backdrop – the gorgeous colours of the changing leaves are one of the most beautiful sights of the year. Autumn colours are exquisite and can form the natural tones of your ceremony. By choosing this season, you get to have the free autumn decor offered by the forests and fields for your special day.


Being Experimental with Your Attire

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress for an autumn wedding, you have the option to use beautiful shrugs or capes as additional accessories. This season’s fashion is often all about cosiness, elegance and fun, giving you the chance to incorporate some stunning textures into your wedding outfit.

Lovely Autumn Photos For Keeps

Among all the reasons to have an Autumn wedding, this must be one at the top: the colours and tone of light offered by the season enhances both your backdrop views and your photos. Plus, the weather prevents overexposure since there is not the harsh sunlight of the warmer months.

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castlemartyr wedding photo inspiration

Most Guests are Available

Since there are not as many holidays during this season, your guests are more likely to be available for your wedding, so you’ll be ensured that the people you want to be present on your big day will be there.

If these reasons to have an autumn wedding don’t convince you, then maybe my very own experience will. We chose to get married in September. Our marriage had good weather, making it possible to have our drinks reception outside. Also, most of our preferred venues and suppliers were available on our chosen dates. And, the best thing is that all of our guests were able to come. 
If you want to read more tips like these, you can look at my other blog posts. I have made some suggestions for home weddings and even what to expect for your post-wedding service to help you plan the most significant day of your life.


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