On Your Wedding Day – Hanging your Dress for Photographs

It has to be one of my favourite shots from a wedding day –  capturing the dress in a pretty location – well I am a girl!! I love on the morning of a wedding when my bride shows me her wedding dress, its a lovely moment for me as I feel such a part of the day from that point on and I can always gauge a brides excitement about what is about to happen. When taking photographs of the details of the day, like the dress, I like to find a pretty location to display all the beautiful details of the day. Having a proper hanger to hang your dress not only helps to give your dress its proper shape but also adds a certain something to the final image. A nice wooden hanger or one of those gorgeous custom made hangers available on www.etsy.com can give your dress the pride of place it deserves. Also be sure and select a hanger that has a head that can turn fully around – it better allows your photographer to hang your dress and get creative!

Tanya Colclough at Eden Photography, your wedding photographer for Dublin, all of Ireland and destination weddings worldwide


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