On Your Wedding Day – Your Wedding Makeup in Photographs

We have all been there – bought a new foundation without checking it properly against your skin in natural light and ended up looking either washed out or like you haven’t washed your face for a week! These are two looks you definitely don’t want on your wedding day! I am often asked what foundation looks good in front of the camera and my main advice is to choose a light base that lets the skin shine through rather than overdoing it with a foundation that looks like its too much for you. I would also recommend that you always use a primer before foundation – it helps to smooth out pores and even skin tone. This really is magic – it also allows your foundation to glide on and  it will last much longer too. It gives you that flawless skin look that you really want on your wedding day. Then just powder, powder, powder and keep it with you for touch-ups during the day and to eliminate shine.

Be sure and practice before the big day arrives and you are all set to go!


Tanya Colclough at Eden Photography, your wedding photographer for Dublin, all of Ireland and destination weddings worldwide

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