Wedding Hair and Makeup in Ireland: How to Prepare

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Wedding Hair and Makeup in Ireland: How to Prepare

For every woman, her wedding is the most special event of her life and I am sure you too must have dreamt of the perfect look for your big day. Your love celebration will be the one day where all eyes will be on you. So, you will want to have a look that is out of this world.

On such an important occasion, I am sure you will try your best to look gorgeous with a breathtaking dress, stunning hair, and makeup.

All the Essential Tips You Need

It is possible to achieve the perfect look by hiring a stylist for wedding hair and makeup in Ireland. If you aren’t sure where to begin and convey your style, I have prepared a list of essential tips that will help you look stellar.

  • Start with your wedding dress! Given all the shopping around and trying on involved, finding the right gown can be intimidating and even a little stressful. You should choose your wedding dress first before deciding on hair and make-up as it will set the tone for the rest of your look. There are several websites you can refer to for inspiration. A good idea is to send some photos of your dress to your beauty team before meeting them in person. This will give them an idea of what you are expecting for your wedding look. Small details such as the design of the neckline or the beautiful intricate details at the back will be helpful for them to understand your preferences.
  • As you start to form a vision of your look for the day, creating a mood board of wedding hair trends, dresses and wedding makeup looks will help provide guidance to your team. It will also visually explain what you like. You should include essential details such as the colour scheme, the venue, theme of the wedding, decor, etc. A mood board goes a long way especially in planning for important aspects such as wedding hair and makeup in Ireland. It will easily capture the essence of your dream vision!

Planning with your Stylist

  • Lots of thoughts will likely be running through your mind as to “the look” that best suits you. Should you opt for a natural makeup look for your wedding or something more dramatic. Also, you will be questioning if you should wear your hair up or down? Straight or curly? My recommendation is to think of how you feel most comfortable. Does a natural makeup look get you the most compliments? As a photographer in Ireland who has photographed hundreds of Irish brides, I advise you to keep the wedding season in mind. Given the unpredictable Irish weather during winter, when strong winds are common, an upstyle is my suggestion. 
  • When planning for your wedding hair and makeup in Ireland, you should meet your stylist for a trial at least three months ahead of your date. That way if you want to make some changes you will have enough time to do so. Attending a trial will also enable you to ask the experts for hair and skin advice. For example, is it advisable to avoid hair straighteners or hair oil before the big day? You should also consider how long before the makeup trial you should get any waxing or threading done. If you are unsure, you can ask your makeup artist this when you book the trial. Planning ahead of time will help you ensure that you have no adverse reactions. 

Now to Incorporate These Tips!

These tips will be helpful to achieve that perfect bridal style you are aiming for. It’s your special day after all so it is important for you to exude confidence in every photograph. and with a flawless wedding day look, you will surely feel like a Goddess. 

Try to incorporate the above tips as you plan your wedding hair and makeup in Ireland. Visit my page for more wedding inspiration.

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