Wedding Photography Styles in Ireland: How to find the right photographer for you

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Wedding Photography Styles in Ireland: How to find the right photographer for you

Finding the right photographer that matches your style can be a daunting task. When you are planning this hire, you will be expecting them to capture your beautiful memories and the overall ambience of the day. However, expectations can differ for every individual photographer as they will each have their own unique photography style and you will need to ensure that this is a match for your preferences. A professional can help you celebrate the best occasion of your life all over again by delivering high-quality results based on your requirements. 

How to find a Wedding Photographer?

To help you with this, I’m going to share some important tips that will make it easier for you to search for the best photographer and learn more about wedding photography styles in Ireland.


Do your research and look at top Irish wedding photographers that are available online. Check the online blogs, wedding photographers portfolios and see the work they have delivered in the past. The more you explore, the better ideas and options you will be able to gather for a satisfying photoshoot. Don’t be focused on price at the moment but look at the different patterns in the photos. See what you like in terms of the photography patterns. You can create a Pinterest board to collect your ideas and brainstorm your thoughts to get a clear idea of the mood and look you love best. Just remember that anyone can click pictures today but only a true professional will be able to provide the best quality solutions based on what you envision. 

Explore photographer’s couple images

Each photographer has a unique style of taking pictures. For example, some focus more on candid moments whereas others may prefer staged and posed pictures. Likewise, every photographer has something unique to share and exhibit. Before you hire them you must explore their photography style to find out which one best suits your ideas. 

How do they capture moments of the day?

The purpose of your wedding photographs is to tell the story of your special day. As photographers have different ways of lighting their work, editing, posing and lots more, find someone whose images speak to you and evoke emotions when you see them. You should be able to look over the photographs and instantly remember the moments and the feelings that were captured. 

How do they capture the fine details?

When all the elements of the day are woven together it makes up a complete story. If you have poured out your heart and have explained everything in detail then look for the photographer that can help you create timeless memories. Check the portfolio of the work that has been delivered by the photographer to see if they have covered what you are looking for.

Group photography

This is an important part of any wedding, providing beautiful family heirlooms. Several photographers in Ireland do not cover this aspect of the wedding. With the right photographer, group photographs can be done quickly and efficiently. However, choosing the wrong photographer can end up being stressful. So make sure to check with your photographer if the group images can be documented in exactly the way you wish.

Speak to your photographer

It’s important to meet the photographer in person before you consider hiring them. Talk to the photographer directly and explain your expectations for the shoot. You can ask them about how they would like to approach your story through the wedding day. Communicating effectively and checking your compatibility will help you decide whether you want to work with them or not.

Taking your time and researching thoroughly can make all the difference. By following the tips I have shared, you can surely find a photographer that is not just professional but qualified to deliver excellent results too. Remember, hiring a wedding photographer is a big decision, so don’t be in a hurry. You are entrusting someone who is going to preserve your special day forever through the images they take. Choose wisely!

If you would be interested to explore and learn about my approach or photography style, then head over to review my Pinterest account and have fun exploring my portfolio. Or check out The Knot for lots of useful planning tips and tools. Or for more of my planning advice please check here

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